This website has been deemed insecure due to not installing updates

The website you are trying to visit is hosted by ULYSSIS. This website has been suspended. Please don't contact us concerning this problem but address your questions to the people responsible for this website.

What has happened?

ULYSSIS takes the security of its servers and users very seriously. Therefore we have automated security checks for common applications that have the potential of posing a threat. When outdated versions of these pieces of software are detected, we start sending daily reminders after a week. The holder of this account has chosen not to act upon our warnings. To protect the security of our services and that of other users and organisations, this website has been disabled. The website will remain disabled until updates are taken care of by the account holder.


  • The data has not yet been erased
  • The website has been taken offline

The solution: Update!

  • The account holder has been contacted on a daily basis for weeks or even months now, they should be aware that software needs to be updated.
  • If software can be updated through shell access or SFTP, the holder should do so.
  • Otherwise, the account holder should contact ULYSSIS to arrange for a time window to update through the software's web interface.
  • If the account holder did not receive any messages from ULYSSIS they can contact ULYSSIS at

More information or other questions?

You can check our documentation on for common questions and procedure. If you need any more help you can always send us an email on